SIMs. Who Are They?

All Covenant Missionaries, active or retired, are Special Interest Missionaries (SIMs).

Each female Covenant missionary is assigned to one of the denomination’s 9 conferences in the USA, for a period of 3 years. The Pacific Northwest Conference Women Ministries is assigned 5 active and 3 retired missionaries.  Each church is then assigned 1 active and 1 retired missionary.

To find out who has been assigned to your church or to learn what you can do for your church’s SIM, send an email to

Why Do We Do This?

We do this to love and support these missionaries as they serve God on the mission field. After the 3 year period, each missionary is rotated.  The purpose is to:

  • Learn to know our women missionaries
  • To remember them in prayer
  • To send letters, emails, and gifts
  • Develop lasting friendships
  • And give them a connection to home

The Pacific Northwest Conference SIMs

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